Choke has accustomed itself as one of the arch UK eSports organisations aback relaunching in 2014, impressing in both the Alliance of Legends and CSGO scenes. Its Alliance of Legends aggregation won i56 endure month, featuring a acting mix of players from altered teams.

Vince abutting Asphyxiate aback in 2004 as allotment of its Counter-Strike aggregation - afore the Asphyxiate Gaming cast fabricated its improvement in 2014.ESL UK has appear aboriginal data of its 2016 Bounce Division Alliance of Legends eSports tournaments.

The antagonism will affection a £10,500 cost basin (over £5,000 during the accumulation stages, with £5,500 accessible during the offline playoffs).

This dismisses antecedent rumours, which appropriate that ESL UK was traveling to bifold the cost money for its Alliance of Legends UK Premiership in 2016, from £10,000 per division to £20,000.

The capital change is that the champ of the ESL UK Premiership will now automatically accretion a atom in the EU Challenger Alternation qualifiers.

Season 3 will aswell be shorter, demography abode from January 27th (qualifiers) through to the final playoffs weekend on April 2nd and 3rd. You can analysis out the abounding agenda here.

Season 4's timings haven't been appointed yet, but an ESL agent told eSports Account UK that ESL is "working on eliminating as abundant blow as possible".

ESL ahead accepted that the UK CSGO Premiership will acquire three seasons in 2016, up from two in 2015. However, ESL has accepted to eSports Account UK that the Alliance of Legends ESL UK Premiership will still acquire two seasons throughout 2016.

ESL has aswell appear data of the ESL UK Premiership Qualifiers.