Developed by NADDIC GAMES, the net game Closers Credits , that's willing to spread its Happy Play platform agent, will adjust the big cleanup combat copy about the (22th) day. The UNION organization can help the agents grow their capabilities and simplify the integration of existing materials. Make materials in order that agents can gain powerful equipment to address against evil immediately. The willingness to spread have also been announced. The legendary sirens Mustistine underwent long-term battles and training. He will be synchronised together with the trials of elite agents on Ming (22) days and formally advance in the "special agent".

We wish to spread this revision doesn't just significantly decrease the difficulty with the latest copy from the “Great Decontamination Campaign” as well as the demand for equipment production materials, and also help agents to quicker and quickly defeat the demon king “You De” to make advanced equipment. Justin's footsteps regarding his inner fears, promoted to Closers Credits NA be the most more likely to plant trees Mistine.