The newly redesigned version of " Digimon Masters Currency " is very synchronized to open up the "Evil Vampire Slayer" riding mode, a white and intelligent, intelligent "Suck Vampire" would be the ultimate model from the evil evil spirits. It is usually a devil type that completely surpasses the Vampire World of Warcraft. Digimon. Not only can you employ your eyes to cast your opponents to a virtual world like reality, but you could also launch the devastating weapons “Sodom” and “Gomorrah” on both shoulders to instantly destroy the enemy. After the revision, players will use "Sodom" to begin with the riding mode and ride from the digital world and commence a new adventure chapter.

New "Automatic Warehouse Management Function". A brand-new open "warehouse automatic management function" allows DMO Tera players to reclassify the initial disorderly warehouse items having a single keystroke and help the efficiency of item management.