Keenan Crier considers himself a Digimon Masters Online Tera and never a human, building a conflict within his heart he's got yet to stay, as humans are jeopardizing his beloved Digital World. Keenan's partner Digimon Falcomon is usually a wise bird who will Digivolve into Peckmon, Crowmon, and beyond.

The new arrival of Keenan coincides together with the start Joymax's "New Tamers" event. When your Partner Digimon reaches level 41, you are going to receive a Mystery Mercenary Digi-Egg, 3 Evoluters, and also a 7-day Smart School Uniform. Returning Tamers will be given a 30-day EXP Equipment Set, Jump Boosters to the Yokohama and Western areas, 50 million gold, plus a randomly reinforced Mercenary Digi-Egg. This is in addition for the New Year event - go online every day through the celebration period and get a Digimon Masters Online Currency .