England League Cup semi-final, Arsenal at Stamford Cheap FIFA 18 Coins Bridge and Chelsea 0-0 shake hands, the second leg of the match will move to the Emirates Stadium.

The final stage of the game, Welbeck tackle in the restricted area toppled Cesc Fabregas, the referee through VAR video recording technology to determine the ball is not a penalty.

After the match, Welbeck said, "I did not know that VAR was used under such circumstances. Whenever I play, I want to show 100% of ourselves, we could have scored a goal, but now look forward to Two bouts. "

His team-mate, Chambers, said, "I'm happy that I think this is a good result and we are doing well on the defensive end today, showing our courage and I think we can do better."

"We have played against Chelsea many times recently, and we know how they play and maybe they know us."