The third quarter, Randle basket score and assists Ingram, he led the Lakers has been a stable score, the two teams continued stalemate. The Sun did not test for 3 consecutive points after the start of the third quarter, but Chandler and TJ Warren attacked the rim and kept them on NBA Live Mobile Account par with the Lakers. But Brook - Lopez in the third quarter and 4 minutes 59 seconds and then 3 points, the Lakers once again lead. In this section there are 2 minutes and 35 seconds, Kuzma 3-point shot, the Lakers will gradually widen the score gap, the end of the three sections, the Lakers leading opponent 9 points.

The last game, a small Larry - Nantes and Kuzma consecutive layup into the ball, the sun here by Chris continuous score regain the score. The fourth quarter, there are 7 minutes and 54 seconds when Jackson hit 3, the sun will score difference narrowly, followed by TJ Warren steals fast break is not, Kuzma then layup scored the score advantage once again expanded. After the suspension, Randall and Ingram again scored points to help the Lakers lead 17 points in the game with 3 minutes and 28 seconds, the Lakers put the score into rubbish time, won the game.