You never realize how important (and needed) a few stairs are until you're sitting on a beach looking wistfully in the spot where portals spawn. It has been so provided Path of Exile has been in existence. Players have already been whini...getting a staircase leading from Lioneye's Watch on the Portal spawn area. While it might possibly not have come along quite as fast as some may have wished -- in the end those marathon sprints all the way around were tiring -- it must come to be a pleasant surprise that Grinding Gear has delivered! You can now jet up a collection of stairs leading from town for the portals.

It seems we'll all be sporting thunder thighs any further! Thanks, GG!

Balance is just one of those topics that probably causes any developer to Buy POE Items succeed in for the Tylenol. It's always controversial and try to something that will be requested by players. The latest balance pass, however, should bring a smile to players holding older league-exclusive unique items. Many items will likely be receiving a buff for a few.6.0, three which are presented on the spot as instances of both keeping something relevant and keeping the
mmoah entire balance from the game in tact. You can read about Gifts from Above, Trolltimber Spire and Shavronne's Revelation.

We also had the opportunity chat with the c's a bit generally speaking issue of Legacy Uniques. Here's what GG were required to say:

You're balancing a lot with the Legacy Unique items. Can you tell us if this sounds something you want to do once in awhile after new leagues appear and disappear.