This week's Path of Exile - The Exiled Tribune incorporates a pretty cool new contest created by the team that enables players free rein to produce anything game-related in whatever medium draws them. The best part is the fact that winners get truly one-of-a-kind comic artwork because of their effort! Add in a different developer interview and new microtransactions, including some nifty holiday-themed ones, and it's really another great week to get an Exile!

Grinding Gear is sponsoring a whole new Talent Contest that does not place a establish limit on ways players can Buy POE Items express their affection for Path of Exile. Put on your dancing shoes. Get out your 35mm camera. Draw a remarkable picture. Make a tome film. Write a memorable story. Cooking, screenshots, comics, holiday ornaments, wind chimes -- to put it briefly, any situation that is PoE-related is fair game and is particularly eligible for submission.

GGG has built a special competition thread for entries to become posted in mmoah and does ask that submissions stay to a 5-minute length (to concentrate, read, etc.). Entries is usually posted HERE from now through January 16th and judged on skillful execution on the piece, how closely it adheres towards the theme of Path of Exile and ways in which "compelling or entertaining" it's.