A trio of maps will be provided a pass to be able to tweak the Hallowed Ground Unique Map drop rates by adjusting and even locking the maximum tier map drops; Atziri plus the Uber Atziri areas can provide both league runners, guilds and people to achieve satisfactory map drops offering some progress to every one and / or trade value; plus the Endgame Labyrinth may remain mostly unchanged as developers are pretty thrilled with where it sits at this time.

The Atlas UI may also be getting some nifty updates to https://www.mmoah.com/ offer players more feedback on bonus completion signifiers within the Atlas as well as the graphic are going to be made more distinct.

Lastly, other functions for finding maps about the Atlas UI will likely be added that permit players to Buy POE Currency hover on the map in inventory as a way to see it highlighted inside the Atlas while a right click will open and center the scene of that map.

Check out of the full manifesto with the upcoming Atlas patch within the Path of Exile site.

You also can check out of the latest patch notes here.

The Community Spotlight

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