This week inside Exiled Tribune, we’re covering all the week’s Path of Exile news with aplomb and grit of an true ARPG hero. That is to say, we’re smashing everything, looting anything blue or over, and wandering around killing all of the monsters. What does this pertain to the week’s news? Well, nothing really apart from we learned a good deal about the that this Maps within the Atlas of Worlds work and what it really means for new and returning players for Path of Exile. And as per usual, ZiggyD has some truly great videos showing the new expansion’s content. Here comes the week that had been in Path of Exile news!

Path of Exile’s regular YouTuber extraordinaire (ZiggyD) plays out of the details about how precisely actually makes use of the Atlas inside the video below, plus the fine folks at Grinding Gear recently also revealed a complete sort of manifesto about how a Atlas itself works. From the manifesto:

"The ability for players to Cheap POE Currency select what maps they play is a (and positive!) aspect of the Atlas system. Everyone has his or her preferences for maps, therefore we want there being some choices about getting in touch with unlock everything or leave a couple of maps disabled so that you can maximize your own goals.