Grinding Gears and UOL BoaCompra have announced that Brazilian Path of Exile players can take secure good thing about payment menthods via UOL.

To celebrate the launch, Grinding Gear Games can Buy POE Items give an exclusive pack worth R$89 BRL ($40 USD). The pack will likely be available to all Path of Exile players for just one week and includes:

400 Path of Exile Points ($40 USD)
Royal Green Frog - FREE
Divine Sign - FREE
Back Attachment - FREE
Premium Stash Tab - FREE

Graphic Novel Series Announced

Grinding Gear Games has partnered with Dynamite Entertainment and mmoah announced a whole new four-issue combination of graphic novels using the lore behind Path of Exile. Of keen interest to fans is the series can tell you information about an as-yet-unannounced expansion. The first on the series is predicted to debut later come july 1st.