Here’s all you have to do: Squirt a tiny bit of this liquid directly on a stain and rub it in,wholesale lingerie, preferably using the stained area itself to do the rubbing, if that makes sense. You know the way you get deodorant out of clothing by kind of rubbing it in with the same piece of clothing? Kind of like that. In many cases, this alone will do the trick — if what you’ve spilled on is dark, or thick like jeans, the liquid will dry invisibly and you’ll be good to go. With lighter clothing, you’ll probably see a faint outline after it dries, but when you throw it in the wash, it will come out as good as it was before you slobbered all over it. I think ideally you’d always wash the thing right after you spilled on it,gseufr231,regardless of stain remover application, but you are a busy human who probably operates on a laundry schedule. You do the laundry, the laundry doesn’t do you!